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'2020 Australia'

Dedicated to the devastating Australian bushfires

Oil on Canvas

35cm X 55cm



Environmentally (and socially) speaking what we are witnessing is a clear and loud mirror reflection of a fast-paced mass extinction as it happens. The 6th mass extinction and the only one caused by one of the species. These natural events generally happened by severe changes in the climate or rise or low in the levels of vital elements in the environment. But this one right here right now is seeing species and creatures being swept faster than never before, by the billions in a matter of months. Of course that the system we indulge in is politically incorrect but let's not forget that the sustainability of this planet is a global commitment that starts with the consciousness of each individual. Our next generation of little ones is staring at us while we literally stand and watch the planet burn. I feel ashamed to hand over the planet the way it is to the current generation of children. A planet where you check hazardous levels of pollution in the air before you step out the door, a planet where they can't go safely to school in terror of a shooting happening, a planet where we feed by food-like by-products, technology that is making us less social, ill and lethargic, and the list goes on. If we all think and act day by day with a purpose to leave this planet a bit better than we received it, I'm sure this will be a much better home for all of us.


2020 Australia Julian Clavijo.jpg

Without the dark, light has no meaning

Oil on raw birch

40 x63,5cm



Family portrait commission

Oil on Canvas

100 x 130 cm



Journey .jpg

Peruvian Kids Pixels Series

Acrylic and spray paint on wood blocks

56x 60cm each panel



Patterns, colour, material and attention to detail are aspects of my practice that I’ve aimed to thrive for for years. Inviting the viewer to connect and come close to my pieces to explore and discover more beyond of what can be seen from a distance; this is an interaction that I aim to achieve when communicating the intention presented in my work. Through the pixelation of portraits, materiality, distance and space I channel the notion of disintegration. In this case of indigenous communities world wide

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Acrylic and spray paint on wood blocks and bullet shells installation

250cmx 220cm 



Since birth and early years of existence, the human being has been vulnerable to set social paradigms and judgements that psychologically, emotionally and physically shape the individual being's views and values of the world they live in and are surrounded by.The bullets in the installation are elements representing the psychological trauma of war, but they also stand as metaphors, reflecting the wars we all have within us and the struggles of young people to overcome their own internal battles. It is a call to overcome these battles, to win in the fight against oppression and to emancipate ourselves from the mental limitations we face on a daily basis. Proceeds from this artwork were donated to the REACH Foundation.

Handing over the planet

Oil on canvas

120cm x80,5cm



Handing the planet over - Julian Clavijo

'Voices in My Head'

Oil on Canvas

35.5cm X 94.5cm



Finalist Black Swan Portraiture Prize 2017 (WA)  & Semi-Finalist Doug Moran National Portraiture Prize 2017 (NSW)

Portrait of  Adam Elliot, Academy Award Winner, filmmaker, director, writer, sculptor and animator. The creator of stop-motion animation cult classics Harvey

Krumpet and Mary and Max .This is a depiction of the conscious and subconscious creation of the stories and their forms, and how they are born in the brain of the creator who then become a beholder and interpreter. The personal story and life reflection in this portrait is deeply embedded in the representation of his characters and symbolic elements found throughout his films.

Parallel Worlds by Julian Clavijo Oil on Canvas 110 x 123 cm 2015 - 2016

 Private Commissions 2016 -2017

Parallel Worlds

Cliftons Awards - Winner 2017

Oil on Canvas

110 x 123 cm

2015 - 2016


Parallel Worlds by Julian Clavijo Oil on Canvas 110 x 123 cm 2015 - 2016

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'Patient Transition' Solo Exhibition

Ground Floor - STK Arts Space

St Kilda, Melbourne



'Por Amor / For Love' Exhibition

Metro Gallery October-November, 2015

Armadale, Melbourne



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Oil on Canvas


2014 - 15


Wondering about the kids

Oil on canvas




Bubble Citizen

Oil on canvas




The making of the Bubble Citizen - Timelapse


Memories of Gaza

Oil on rendered concrete
Various sizes


(Series Sold)

Paintings Selection 2013

Small selection of paintings created during 2013 exhibited in Australia, Italy, Thailand and Colombia.

Australia Art Month - Abu Dhabi 2013

Series of works created during the one-month artist in residency in Abu Dhabi. These works were a response based on the experiences and encounters of landscapes, contexts and its people.

Behind the Bars Series - 2013

“Behind the Bars” is a series of portraits of children – victims from around the world -  who have actually experienced or are living through wars. These paintings are a poetic black and white depiction of the notion that there are children imprisoned behind the coloured bars of a denied childhood, deprived of the joy of life. Abducted from their innocence and dreams, these children are condemned by their memories and scars of war to survive behind these emotional and psychological bars.

This compilation of five portraits creates a general feeling of joy represented in the selection of colour values to transmit variety and people's passion for life. Regardless of their social and political problems, defective systems and their limitations, Latin American people are amongst the happiest people in the world.


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Human Disintegration

Winner 1st place Banyule Outdoor Sculpture Award 2011 - Finalist Yering Station Sculpture Prize 2011

The concept that drives this sculptural painting is the sense of human fragility embodied within the image being depicted. The subject matter of the work relates to the notion that children around the world are suffering from corruption, violence, war and starvation extended to the armed conflict of Colombia. A real child holding a bullet belt evidences the fragile innocence standing parallel the poisonous element of war, raising the notion that humanity is being disintegrated by war and unfaithful politics. 3045 wood cubes (45mm3 each) are painted according to specific colour coding and separately placed within the chosen site.  This conveys an overall sense of disintegration. Because the artwork is composed of numerous modules, at eye level the viewer can barely make out the image but can see its materialisation in detail On the other hand, viewed from above and at a distance, the observer can perceive the whole image and thus begin to understand what it is about. The act of the viewer being above or a a distance from the artwork becomes an implicit message of the piece interacting as a modular work that varies significantly depending on one’s distance or perspective.

Crimson Red

Wood blocks and acrylic paint



Stolen Soul

Wood blocks and acrylic paint


True Faces

Wood panel and acrylic paint

Practice and studios 

Small selection of some of Julian's painting practice prior 2009

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Oil on Tasmanian Oak sticks (Sold)