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Past Exhibitions  2014


F1 2017 Australia Director’s Cut

The highlights of the F1 Australian Grand Prix 2017. The race and the painting, from start to end.

Through The Eyes (The Stolen Public Art Exhibition) 

Ballarat, Australia.



On the 28th of March the Ballarat Council, Victoria Australia, launched a new public art space gallery which is dedicated to exhibiting artworks by recognised artists in the field of public art. Only days after the opening celebrations  the entire Through The Eyes series  of large scale works were stolen.


As an international artist commissioned by such an exciting government initiative to do this artworks' series I feel devastated for the theft especially as it was so well accepted and complemented by the local and arts communities.

I would like to rise public awareness of the situation and would be very pleased if you help me sharing and expanding this news that quickly are moving across the borders. Below are a few related links with  the news about the current situation.

SBS Radio National Australia Broadcast News Article 


The Courier - Ballarat Newspaper News



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