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Julian Clavijo is a nationally and internationally renowned Award Winning Artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2008, he graduated with a Bachelor of Advertising from the Universidad International de las Americas in Costa Rica. In 2011, he completed a Masters of Arts (Art in Public Space) at RMIT University in Melbourne. 


A painter and sculptor since a very early age, Julian has demonstrated an enormous capacity to professionally establish his practice and style in Australia, South America, USA, Europe and the Middle East. After graduating in 2011, Julian started exploring the possibility of translating his photorealistic oil painting technique on to mural painting at any scale. By mixing spray painting skills, commonly use in the world of street art, and the traditional brush work techniques almost resembling classical fresco murals, Julian can achieve striking hyper-realistic results by painting murals at monumental scales in public spaces. This has earned him the respect and demand of the urban art community in Australia and around the globe. 


In November  2018 Julian was awarded the 'Best Global Artist Award' in the Category of Street Art in Dubai, accolade given by the Global Art Agency, the Wall Street Journal and the UAE Government.

In the last 9 years Julian and his team have cemented a solid reputation in the arts industry having successfully produced and delivered over 60 projects for private and government organisations, such as Creative Victoria, Liuzzi Property Group, Caydon Property, PFD Food services, Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Swinburne University, RMIT University, Aston Martin and various local and regional community councils amongst others.

During this period Julian has been a participant, finalist and winner of multiple art awards and exhibitions in Australia and the globe including the prestigious Lester Prize (former Black swan Prize), Doug Moran Prize and Archibald Prize amongst others. His work has seen commercial representations by Metro Gallery, Beinart Gallery, Bromley & co. in Melbourne and the respected Jonathan Levine gallery in New York.

Julian’s work both in the studio and in the public space, have caught the attention and praise of Australian art  luminaries such as Adam Elliot (Academy Award Winner), prolific artist David Bromley who collects Julian’s works and John Olsen (AO, OBE) living legend of Australian art, who personally recommended Julian to the Australian Government as a young talent who’s contributions to the arts are an asset to the Australian society. 

Currently, his studio and mural practice is dedicated to capturing the quintessence of humanity by drawing inspiration from the empathetic qualities of childhood, such as boundless joy, unwavering curiosity, and unspoiled innocence. Simultaneously, it delves into the pressing issues of conserving our planet, safeguarding the wonders of nature, and preserving the existence of endangered species for both the present generation and the ones yet to come.

His artistic endeavors elicit a profound empathetic introspection, encouraging individuals to contemplate their personal life journey while nurturing a deep-seated love and respect for the natural world. This is achieved through a magical, emotional, and thought-provoking approach that invites viewers to engage with the subject matter in a reflective and meaningful manner.


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