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The name Sculptitoons was created in 2005, formerly trading as ‘'Plastitoon Studios" from 2002 when Julian started to explore this creative avenue of alternative sculpture practice turning the personalised caricature product into a completely different and original media. Hand-made, entirely personalised and customised, Julian turns any person or character into a memorable figurine just from a photo, making it the perfect most original gift to anyone!. Also, by exploring these many facets and medias together, this practice expands into a wide range of disciplines including clay Illustration, graphic design, stop motion animation, advertising and public art.

To date, hundreds of Sculptitoons creations have found homes all over the world -: from Australia to New Zealand and countries such as Spain, France, Canada, Italy, England, Scotland, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Dubai, USA, Colombia Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.


Beyond the Fragments

Edition of 5 (4 available)

Matchsticks, acrylic and resin

25 X 25cm


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