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Murals / Street Art


Cremorne - Melbourne, Australia

March 2018


Not long ago a friend asked one of his friend’s little boy what would he like to be when he grows up.”I want to be a good person”, the little boy answered. This little boy’s awareness is enlightening. At that early age, he understands already that no matter what job he does, what religion he follows, what colour, background or socio-economic status he reaches or was born with, none of that matters; what matters is to be a good person. 
I found in the simplicity of his answer, the answer to pretty much all of our current society’s problems (which are so deep that are pretty much taking us all to extinction). This artwork took almost 2 years from his conception to production and installation. I hope with it that we all get to reflect that the need for a more fair and peaceful society begins within each of us. 

Human essence is mirrored on the expressions of joy and innocence through the children’s spontaneous un-judgemental inner nature. In this work, life is portrayed in permanent motion and change through the soap bubbles and the hour glass, honouring the value of the present moment in constant interdependence with one another. Until we understand that to change our pre-conceptions is not hard at all, and that what is hard is to understand how easy it is to change; nothing will change at all.

Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural
Nylex Silos Mural

Global Warming - Mural

Gisborne, Australia


Leaving a better planet for our children... what if we ALSO leave better children for our planet?? We, the global society, need a collective consciousness to bring back the balance in nature through sustainable living. Not continuing with the nonsense disposable consumerist model that is taking us to extinction. What kind of planet are we handing over to the next generation of little ones? What kind of humans are we rising up to take the responsibility of this planet? Collectively we are failing to manage and care for our home, while heavy economical interests continue to damage the balance of the planet. The temperature rises, the poles melt, the land burns and all that would be left floating will be the element upon which all else was sacrificed for.  Inspired by the truth of what really is going on with the planet, the students fight for it and how we are really passing it over to the upcoming generation of little humans.

Global Warming - Julian Clavijo
Global Warming - Julian Clavijo
Global Warming - Julian Clavijo
Global Warming - Julian Clavijo 2
Global Warming - Julian Clavijo

Back to Land - Mural

Black Rock - Victoria, Australia

May 2018


‘Back to Land’ It’s a homecoming celebration. A reminder that all goes back to the origins, our origins and the origins of the land we walk on.As some of the most ancient creatures on this planet, sea turtles are symbolisms of wisdom, endurance, patience, peace and serenity. As they evolved to adapt to life in the sea, they always go back to the place where they were born to lay their eggs on shore. 
This is an interpretation that aims to evoke a journey of origins and culture traveling back to the land of where it all began, holding the intrinsic connection to the roots where we all emerged from, and live on. 

Back To land mural- Julian Clavijo
Back To land mural- Julian Clavijo
Back To land mural- Julian Clavijo
Back To land mural- Julian Clavijo

Continuous Improvement - PFD Boulevard of Murals

Knoxfield - Victoria, Australia



A descriptive narrative of the company's 60 years journey from the arrival of Rick Smith (AO) depicting integrity, progress, vision, courage, hard work and loyalty within the symbolisms on each wall. Click on each mural to read the story.

The Origins of PFD 1864, Early Days and Post 1943
Moving Forward - Past, Present & Future
When Reputation Counts - Always
To The Moon and Back - 30 Times
To The Next 100 Years
PFD Chromatic Transition
PFD Chromatic Transition
PFD Murals Boulevard - Julian Clavijo
PFD Murals Boulevard - Julian Clavijo

Alexandra The Great

Templestowe, Victoria, Australia

February 2018

Mural for - Benalla Street Art Festival 2018

Benalla, Victoria, Australia

March 2018

The curious desire to explore is intrinsic in pretty much all species in motion. Also a reminder for the child who remains within all of us to come out and be adventurous, explore, play and be free, no matter how hard we try to hide it, it is always ready to bet set free.

White Night - Outside the Box


February 2018

Outside the Box featured some of Melbourne’s hottest artists facing off in a unique battle. All artists are placed on a level playing field – no matter their experience, style or technique; only their skills will set them apart.

Each had 2 hours sharp to create their work, using only the materials provided to them.

Projects 2017

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

'Focus on your Dream'

Hosier Lane - Melbourne CBD, Australia

March 2017

Mural for - Benalla Street Art Festival 2017

Benalla, Victoria, Australia

April 2017

The joyous innocence of childhood is the true essence of humanity

Nature Before Profit -

Albion Street

Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

June, 2017


Portrait of little Eber from Q'ero Nation. They are the direct descendants of the last Incas in the Peruvian Andes in Cuzco, Peru.

This mural honours the innocence of childhood and the wisdom of all the living indigenous communities from around the world, and the urgency to bring back the balance in nature and society that has rapidly deteriorated in the past century. 

Upside Down

United Energy Substation

Springvale, Victoria, Australia

June, 2017


Portraits of local school children. This project was a collaboration with the local school and local council where the children and their friends  had the entire 2 background walls to paint freely anything they wanted.

M-Lane Exhibition

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Albert Park - Melbourne, Australia

March 2017

Projects 2016


Wood, acrylic paint LED lights
Nocturnal Winter Arts 2015
Dandenong, Australia

A sculptural invitation to celebrate memories and dreams with the ancient bird of happiness and
wisdom. This heavenly creature of nature meets humans in their habitat. She is a legendary symbol
of imagination, immortality and transcendence. The powerful whiteness, colours projected and scale of
this crane, dreams of conveying souls into deeper levels of introspection.

Cubby Pear

Plywood and Acrylic paint

Public sculpture inspired by the notion of giving memorable experiences in a playful manner, as well as delivering positive messages about healthy living to children in a fresh produce environment.  

No Fence for Dreams

Transformed - Public Art Program.
Thomas St. Car Park Dandenong.

This chromatic and kinetic work, symbolically connects our interior and exterior, challenging what we encounter in the world around us. It breaks the lacklustre grey patterns around the communities to enliven the daily pathways with dynamic meaning and colour.


Polymer clay, wheelie rubbish bin, acrylic paint
Knox / Dandenong, Australia

A whimsical, engaging and interactive pop-up exhibition that lifts the lid on waste, featuring ahuge wheelie bin, a bespoke sculptural terrarium, a host of local extinct and endangered animalsand a rap on the harms of waste by the inimitable wordmeister, Yung Philly.


Ceramic and wood
KNOX Festival / Stringybark Sustainability Festival
Melbourne, Australia

In Planet Micro, seven bird hides are transformed into ‘micro’ landscapes to reveal magical, mystical and practical insights into how human beings connect to nature.

P.E.A.C.E Collective Artwork Creation

Children's Peace and Arts Festival. Fundraising event, Bendigo.

Collaborative creation of live painting work with kids in Bendigo. Charity artwork created in support of displaced children of war in Sincelejo, Colombia.

Artwork finished in 2 hours.

Day & Night Lifts

Thomas St. Car Park Dandenong.

This artwork is an extension of the chromatic work - "No Fence for Dreams" on the exterior of the carpark.

This chromatic installation offers a new and visually tantalising elevator ride where passengers are encouraged to relax and forget the stresses of daily life.

Grand Projection - Hidden

NOCTURNAL 2013 -  Annual Winter Arts 

An eight - storey high art projection on a Dandenong landmark featuring the community context represented in the image, to challenge perceptions and experience through innovative and memorable arts encounters.

Through the Eyes - Banner Series (Stolen)

Police Lane - Public Art Gallery / Art Gallery of Ballarat

This exhibition was a prime example of a public art installation that is not bound by the limitations of a typical art gallery. The exhibition was held in Ballarat's newest public art  gallery, Police Lane Gallery, which runs next to the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The work is a series of hand-painted banners which transmit the emotional and cultural expressions in people's eyes through the colours represented in the background.


All of the series were stolen one week after the openning and remain missing. News links below:


SBS Radio National Australia Broadcast News Article 

The Courier - Ballarat Newspaper News



Noble Park Coloured Urban Patterns Series with Social Intentions.
A Greater Dandenong City Council Initiative.

Pre-fabricated in studio, handcrafted and painted, Chromobricks is an abstract sculptural work consisting of 300 individual pieces of different sizes made of wood and exterior weather resistant paint. Each “Colourbrick“ is covered in a unique colour tone within a scheme of 63 different tonalities. At the back of each brick human emotions and feelings transmitted by the colour rationale will be captured in writing; the poetic act of giving emotions to people in the form of a simple coloured souvenir.The artwork was spread in various public spaces, where the surfaces and facades were damaged or lacking of their structural elements. This was done in order to contrast the pre-existing monochrome patterns as well as to fill the urban holes with patches of human emotions and feelings. Later people were able to take home found colourbrick to place them where something was missing, if they decided there was something to fulfil with that specific colour (and emotion) at home.

Coloured Urban Patterns

Master of Art in Public Space Research Project
See book here

The scope of this theoretical and practical research and ongoing project is to seek and paint a series of abstract artworks in situ based on the study of values, contrasts and symbolic meanings of colour. This is done by spontaneously responding to existing architectural and infrastructural patterned forms in different public sites and places throughout Melbourne and Queenstown, New Zealand and many more cities in the near future. 

This project reveals how colour can be used to expose existing patterns within the urban fabric that typically go unnoticed

What Lies Beneath

Group Public Art Exhibition, Backyard Gallery, Ballarat.


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