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Public Art 

Murals / Street Art

Walpeup Silos
Walpeup, Victoria
This beautiful mural was painted with fellow artist Camilo Delgado on the GrainCorp Walpeup Silos and pays tribute to Harold Thomas Bell, a local Walpeup boy who became a trooper of the 4th Australian Light Horse Regiment after using his cousin’s last name, Wickham, to disguise his true age.
The teenager was shot in the leg during the Battle of Beersheba on October 31 1917 and died of his wounds the following day. He was 16 years and seven months old.
Located in the town of Walpuep on the Mallee Highway, this piece allows viewers to reflect, and to pay respects to the bravery and sacrifices made during the war.

Cosmos' Universe
Mandurah Western Australia 
Best Exterior Mural 2023 - Australian Street Art Awards Finalist

Finished mural in WA at the Mandurah Library for the @city_of_mandurah Arts Festival. ‘Cosmos’ aims to celebrate the joy of reading and the world of imagination. This is a colourful and enchanting visual journey, enticing passersby to immerse themselves in the magic of books and literary resources.
The central subject is immersed in a universe of knowledge, symbolising the book as the heart of knowledge and learning.

Ship of Wonder
Hawthorn, Victoria
We all dreamed about flying a spaceship, driving a race car or a fire truck or sailing a flying boat or an ice cream truck when we were kids. This school building got turned into the ‘Ship of Wonder’ from the creative ideas by the little children who come and grow here day by day. In here, the ship represents the journey, the relationships and teamwork, representing the school helping humans reach their individual and pluralistic potential. The tower of books depict knowledge, hard work and experience upwards to the ladder of forward thinking and open critical mind, where the bubbles of dreams can take you anywhere. Always in a bright vibrant sky where everyday brings a new beginning. 

Ship of Wonder - Julian Clavijo
Ship of Wonder - Julian Clavijo
Ship of Wonder - Julian Clavijo
Ship of Wonder - Julian Clavijo
Ship of Wonder - Julian Clavijo

The making of the Ship of Wonder  - Video

Today's Devine Comedy
Braeside, Australia
Inspired by the reflection of what our oceans are rapidly becoming a soup of death and destruction. Without it, we can’t exist, is that simple. The rapid devastation by the fishing industry, the islands of plastic floating in vast amounts around the globe, the high levels of mercury and other chemicals found in the fish and seafood we eat is not a joke anymore. The ocean is dying. This work is an introspection of going through purgatory, hopefully back to heaven, the heaven on earth that the ocean have always been before we existed.

The making of Today's Devine Comedy  - Timelapse

The Messenger
Frankston, Australia
This mural is an open story. To me, the boy is the last human remaining after our societal system made the planet collapse. He will remain in his child form forever, wandering the universe in an eternal sunset of ever evolving reverberating colours. The whale, the last largest mammal to exists continues to carry the link of interdependence between water, earth and air where most creatures used to coexist. The bonsai tree, an ancient Saman, contains the relative notion of time and space; of the actuality of the here and of the now.