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Continuous Improvement - PFD Boulevard of Murals

Knoxfield - Victoria, Australia



A descriptive narrative of the company's 60 years journey from the arrival of Rick Smith (AO) depicting integrity, progress, vision, courage, hard work and loyalty within the symbolisms on each wall. Click on each mural to read the story.

The Origins of PFD 1864, Early Days and Post 1943
Moving Forward - Past, Present & Future
When Reputation Counts - Always
To The Moon and Back - 30 Times
To The Next 100 Years
PFD Chromatic Transition
PFD Chromatic Transition
PFD Murals Boulevard - Julian Clavijo
PFD Murals Boulevard - Julian Clavijo

Continuous Improvement - PFD Boulevard of Murals

Short Documentary

Credit :

Present and Somewhere in Between
Oil paint on Stainless Steel panels installation on internal lifts shafts  
Lift 1: 950cmx 93cm 
Lift 2: 560cm x 90cm


This major private commission of a total of 13metres oil painting combined is my largest oil painting project to date. Painted on several stainless steel panels in the studio, these large painting took over a year to complete.  

The Painting’s Journey’. This artwork can not be contemplated as a whole at once, but rather it slowly and romantically unveils itself as one travel up and down a lift. An oil painting of monumental scales (9m high) that sails upwards into the freedom of a child’s mind and into the kingdoms of imagination and islands of dreams. Then, to encounter oneself continuing in the cycle to the insightful journey within. This is part 1 of a private commission permanently installed inside a lift shaft. 

The accelerated unsustainable pace of consuming and destruction that began with the industrial revolution, has accelerated the extinction of species by a thousand fold in the last 100 years. Not to mention the levels of pollution we have to endure in our air, soil, water and food. Time was and still is running out before we get to a point of no return. Let’s not forget that with or without us, the planet will recover, it doesn’t need us, but we do need it.
Lift n.2 of the travelling oil painting ‘Present and somewhere in between’ dedicated to the species that no longer exist because of us, and the ones that are almost gone, again, because of us.

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